SUN SHADE RELAX GLASS LightBladeUmbrella Rifle Umbrella Pistol Umbrella Skull Umbrella Laundry Box Tool Pen Lens Fan Gun Fan


Avant-garde car sun shade from RELAX will help you to enjoy the hot season !
It will protect your car interior from the heat damage and keep the temperature lower.
Double reinforced insulation. Back side is plain metallic and it's thick and firm.
Easy attachment with the suction cup.
Fold and bind it with the rubber band on the side when not in use.


2 fun glasses from RELAX is in store !
Wine glass appears in your pint when you pour your beer,
and beer glass which looks like you are holding beer bottle upside down.

Light Blade Umbrella

This umbrella shaft will light up when you push the button !
It features 7 LED colors which changes as you push button,
and also automatic color change (gradation) function in 2 speeds.
You will be stand out in the dark street.
In the movie blade runner, everyone in town has the light umbrella.
For all blade runner fans.

Rifle Umbrella

This umbrella handle resembles real rifle butt.
Perfect when you want to feel like a hunter.
Umbrella opens as you pull the trigger.
Comes with shoulder case so you can hang on your back.
Don't make people too scared though !

Pistol Umbrella

The handle looks like the pistol from pirates.
Umbrella will open when you pull the trigger !
On first glance, it looks just like an ordinary umbrella,
but it will stand out in umbrella stand.

Skull Umbrella

Folding umbrella with skull handle.
Creepy skull eyes lights up in the darkness as you push button.
Prepare in your bag for sudden rain and get the attention !

Laundry Box

Washing machine print laundry box.
Easy to fold or assemble. Perfect size for 1 person.
Made with stout material and can be also used as kids' toy storage and such.

Tool Pen

These hand tools are for writing.
Iron parts look like they have been used for long time.
Grip is quite nice like a real hand tool !

Lens Fan

Portable fan that looks just like your favorite camera lens !
Blades appear when you take the lens cap off,
and you will be surprised with the volume of the wind !

Gun Fan

Water pistolc??
No, it's a small fan !!
Blades go round as you pull the trigger.
These 2 plastic blades are soft and safe
when accidentally touched with a finger.